Video technology was first developed for mechanical television systems, which were quickly replaced by cathode ray tube (CRT) television systems.

Video recorders were sold for
$50,000 in 1956, and videotapes cost $300 per one-hour reel.However, prices gradually dropped over the years; in 1971, Sony began selling videocassette recorder (VCR) decks and tapes into the consumer market.

After the invention of the DVD in 1997 and Blu-ray Disc in 2006, there is a drastic drop in sales of videotape.

The Telugu language is the most spoken language in South India, the third-most spoken language in India and the fourth most in the Indian subcontinent, following Hindi, Bengali and Punjabi.

Telugu people form the majority speakers in South India with over 71 million speakers in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This is followed by 3.7 million in Karnataka and 3.5 million in Tamil Nadu making them the second largest language groups in those neighbouring states.