The origins of the term Comedy found in Ancient Greece

Charlie Chaplin, world wide a famous comedian.

Mr. Bean became a significant part of 1990s British popular culture, with the series gaining large UK audience figures, including 18.74 million for the 1992 episode.

Jandhyala (born Jandhyala Veera Venkata Durga Siva Subrahmanya Sastry) (14 January 1951 – 19 June 2001), popularly known as Haasya Brahma.

Brahmanandam Kanneganti (born 1 February 1956) is an Indian film actor and comedian, known for his works predominantly in Telugu cinema. He currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most screen credits for a living actor.

Our Comedy

Hilarious Comedy Video Aravind 2 Actress sri reddy acting like Priya War…

Source : Friday Poster channel

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